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Organisational development

Enhance your business performance and effectiveness

My approach to change management initiatives is not only on changing the processes and systems required to support the change, but also on the mindsets and behavior changes required to support the change process. A study by BCG found that over 75% of change management initiatives fail. Among many potential explanations, one that gets very little attention may be the most fundamental: the invisible fears and insecurities that keep us locked into behaviors even when we know rationally that they don’t serve us well.

Employee engagement

Creating an environment where employees thrive

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, workers who feel engaged with their employers are 20-25% more effective in the workplace. And according to Gallup, employees who feel engaged are 27% more likely to self-report “excellent” performance, and teams with high engagement rates are 21% more productive.


Employee engagement


Analysis and insights

Individualised change management plan and implementation