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Increase your effectiveness and maximise your potential to be a leader who creates other leaders

A strong focus on prioritization, time management & focus, team development, strategic communication and conflict management. A tailored coaching program that best suits your individual needs for both new and experienced leaders.

Every leader needs to know their strengths and weaknesses and be able to identify some of their blind spots or triggers. Once they understand those gaps, they can leverage them to their benefit to enhance their leadership effectiveness. Studies have shown a direct correlation between high business performance and high leadership effectiveness.


The focus is not only on supporting you to enhance your effectiveness as a leader but also on gaining clarity for yourself which will allow you to lead others with clarity.  A further focus is placed on optimizing interpersonal relationships, aligning how you live and lead with your values and inspiring and engaging others. The following are examples of client topics in leadership functions:

  • Self-discovery and purpose

  • Leadership style

  • Constructive feedback to nurture growth and development

  • Employee motivation and engagement

  • Time management and focus

  • Effective strategic communication to influence and inspire

  • Constructive conflict management

  • Work-life integration

       "With her values-centred approach, Shivani challenged me to think beyond the “normal” and encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone."

Senior Manager, High Tech Consulting

         "She understands complex matters, even when outside of her direct area of expertise, by carefully listening, asking thought-provoking questions without judging, leading to refreshing insights that challenge the status quo."

Jean-Paul Nelemans, Sales Director, Salesforce

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