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About Shivani Buchner

Empowering leaders to create other leaders and individuals to lead fulfilled lives
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Coaching Qualifications
  • Professional Certified Coach (ICF PCC)

  • Certified Conscious Business Coach (Fred Kofman)

  • Member of the International Coach Federation

  • Professional co-active coach CTI (Coaches Training Institute)

  • Certified leadership circle profile practitioner

  • Certified Executive FiRE Index 2.0 practitioner (Resilience)

  • Dare to lead trained (Brene Brown)

  • Certified agile scrum product owner

  • MSc Marketing Management

My Why

I have held various different roles across many industries over the last 20 years, and along this journey, it gradually became clear that the aspect of my jobs that provided me with the deepest fulfilment was coaching and developing others. My own personal journey of nurturing my self-awareness, understanding and accepting myself as I am, gaining clarity of the impact I want to have, living authentically and the fulfilment and freedom this brought me nurtured my desire to focus on life coaching.

My interest in leadership coaching emerged not only out of my own experiences as a leader but also out of my observations of the challenges faced by leaders and the deep responsibility placed on them. Leaders are in a position to impact the lives of people far beyond the walls of an organization and herein lies the opportunity to create a positive meaningful impact within and beyond an organization.

I am also passionate about communication. Why? Because creative, original and inspiring thoughts and ideas are only as powerful as one's ability to communicate it in a manner that inspires and motivates others to take action!

My core values are continuous learning, authenticity, empathy, confident humility and integrity.


Coaching Approach

As a coach, my approach is based on focusing on the whole person, empathetic active listening, developing an authentic connection and holding you accountable to action. My coaching approach is strength and values-based, focusing on the uniqueness and individuality of each person which is rooted in best practices in positive psychology and leadership development. My key strengths as a coach lie in asking powerful insightful questions that deepen awareness and broaden perspectives and in my ability to create a safe, trusting non-judgmental space to allow my coachees the freedom to explore, discover, transform and grow.



I am an ICF-certified coach and certified conscious business coach who has over 2600 coaching hours with individuals from over 20 different nationalities. I have over 18 years of work experience as a consultant, team lead, senior product owner, project lead, director of operations and people and organizational development manager at Accenture, Zooplus, Userlane and Payworks. In addition to professional leadership experience and leading remote teams, I have worked directly with executive management and agile software development teams for over 6 years, covering the broad spectrum of business sizes from large enterprises, to medium-sized and startups.

Core Focus
  • Leadership development: Leading yourself, leading others, leading an organization

  • Self-confidence

  • Communication: Effective & strategic, influence & persuasion, constructive feedback

  • Time management & prioritization

  • Work-life Integration with a focus on clarity of priorities and boundary setting

  • Constructive conflict management

  • Team leadership to develop a high performing engaged team

  • Women 's leadership development program

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