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Communicate and lead with confidence and authenticity

This women 's leadership development program is focused on helping you develop a personalized development plan catered towards your own individual needs and challenges.

A core aspect of this coaching program is about deepening your self-awareness of who you are, what is important to you and how YOU want to lead!

Key outcomes of this program tailored towards women in leadership roles are:

  • Define your own leadership style aligned with your values and strengths

  • Develop the clarity and confidence to be who you are in challenging environments where you may be in the minority

  • How to increase your self-confidence through deepening self-awareness versus relying only on the perspective of others

  • Self-confident communication – making your voice heard, expressing your ideas with confidence to influence and how to deal with your inner critic constructively

  • Constructive conflict management

  • Work-life integration

    "Shivani has been fantastic in helping me to gain better clarity around my own values and worth and to help me to see things through a different lens."


Linda Ransom, Director, American Express

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