An alternative perspective of what self-confidence looks like

When we ask others what self-confidence looks like or means to them, most people share similar perspectives, but there are a few nuances, most likely based on their own personal beliefs and experiences. So I am in no way saying that the perspective I am discussing here is representative of everyone. Rather to simply share my own personal experience with it and that of many I have coached. Maybe there are elements that will resonate and maybe some that do not. The intention is nothing more than to create an opportunity to self-reflect and challenge existing beliefs of what self-confidence could look like and broaden perspectives.

What is self-confidence? Having confidence is about having clarity of one's own worth and abilities. It is about knowing not only what your strengths are but also having an awareness of your weaknesses. It's about embracing both of these and not allowing these perceived weaknesses to take away any degree of your self-worth. For when you do so, you see mistakes and failures as a necessary part of growing and developing and they strengthen rather than weaken you. You are able to acknowledge and deal with your inner critic constructively. You focus less on comparing yourself to others and more on defining and living your own vision of success.