What are the benefits of a coaching package?

What is a coaching package?

Coaching packages are designed to offer a comprehensive and unique set of tools, frameworks and resources, in addition to coaching, to support each individual with their personal and professional development and growth. This means that even between sessions, you are able to reach out to your coach for ad hoc support as well as receive resources that supplement your learning. Most coaches choose to work with clients for a minimum of 6 sessions, as this is the minimum amount of time required to bring about growth and change. This may however vary with each individual, based on the type and areas of growth.

Key benefits

The main benefit of a coaching package is the commitment and investment you are making to yourself and your personal and professional growth. Growth and development take time. That is why coaching packages include multiple sessions available over a couple of months, that can be held weekly or bi-weekly. This allows for time between sessions, to put insights and action points into practice, which may be discussed with your coach at the next session, to build upon skills and gain new insights. With a one-off coaching session, even if one starts out with the best of intentions, this level of commitment may be challenging when one gets caught up with the busyness of daily life and work.