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Continuously grow and develop yourself and your teams

A range of trainings (virtual or onsite) focused on some of the key skills organizations need to develop to manage the ever changing landscape to sustain and increase innovation and collaboration. Ranging from individualized leadership development programmes, team trust and effectiveness facilitation's to giving and receiving constructive feedback, conflict management and focus and time management.


There is a high focus on practicing during trainings. Parts of the training are co created with the attendees as people learn and retain learning's more when self awareness is raised rather than being told. This is followed up with exercises/learning's that can be implemented in your daily work, ensuring learning's are implemented, continuously improved and sustained.


Trainings are tailored towards your unique needs and challenges faced and available for groups or one-on-one. Trainings can be split into 2 sessions of 3 hours each, with a 2 week gap. This not only makes it easier to fit into busy schedules but the gap allows time to practice learning's, gain insights and obtain feedback at the next session.

Leadership development

Leadership training for new managers

Lead with clarity, motivate, engage and develop your team

In your old role as an employee, your main focus was on accomplishing your tasks. Now, your main focus is on helping others accomplish their tasks.

It’s your responsibility to listen and pay attention to the needs of your employees to help them not only achieve the collective goals of your team but to also invest in their development. A broad range of topics can be covered based on your unique needs:

  • Defining and communicating objectives and strategy with clarity

  • Setting clear goals and expectations

  • Time management and prioritisation

  • Effective communication

  • Establishing mutual trust and respect

  • Providing  constructive feedback to support growth and development

  • Identifying your teams unique strengths to build a high performing team

  • Conflict management


There is a 6 month program for new managers

High performing teams

Laying the foundation for trust building within teams

Increase team engagement, innovation and effectiveness

Psychological safety is the shared belief that a team is safe for interpersonal risk taking. Based on a Forbes study, without this sense of safety, organizations lose important mindshare because team members don't raise their hands with new ideas, or with emerging concerns and threats to the project or company. In other words – it is really hard to have a high performing team if you don’t have psychological safety. This is also supported by Googles Project Aristotle study of what constitutes a high performing team.

This 1 day workshop focuses on:

  • Identifying values of team members to nurture perspective and understanding

  • Identifying behaviors that erode trust and build trust

  • Actions team can take to start building trust within the team

Optional: Follow up once a month with team over 3 month period to check status, challenges faced and devise how to move forward and progress.

Feel free to contact me for a free survey to assess trust levels within your team.

Communication skills training

Giving and receiving constructive feedback

Deliver feedback that is reflected upon, creates self- awareness and inspires development

Providing constructive feedback is an invaluable skill that every leader and employee needs to master. For doing so constructively not only strengthens relationships but is also a critical component of personal growth and development.

This half day workshop is best conducted in small groups and participants have the opportunity to put concepts learned into practice during the workshop.

EQ Training

Conflict management

Enhance your ability to openly address issues of conflict constructively

Managing conflict is important because high levels of negative conflict can cause employee disengagement, high turnover as well as decreased productivity.

This one day facilitation is ideally suited for teams or individuals and focuses on:

  • Recognizing and managing emotional triggers

  • Identifying the source of conflict

  • Understanding the perspective of others

  • Identifying solutions through active listening and openness

  • De-escalation methods

Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss case studies to explore how these concepts can be applied.

Time management skills

Focus and time management

Transform time poverty to time abundance

The constantly increasing rate of technological advancement, opportunities and information available to us and social change is speeding up the pace of business and life itself, leaving most of us feeling time-poor. To navigate through this and invest our time/energy wisely in what fulfills us, professionally and personally, requires us to gain clarity on WHAT is important to us and WHY. 

  • Awareness of goals personally and professionally

  • Understanding the value of what you do and alignment with goals

  • Identify what energizes and depletes your energy

  • Identifying daily energy patterns and best times of day for specific tasks

  • Aligning time with goals

  • Prioritisation

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